MP3Skull was one of the largest MP3 search engines on the entire web. The website was founded in 2010, and offered its users downloads of music files from across the entire web. It was extremely easy for users to download music files to their devices. All they needed was the title of a piece of music, which they entered into the search screen. Just a few seconds later, they were offered a multitude of MP3 results to download. By 2013, MP3Skull appeared in the Alexa website ranking service’s Top 500 websites. But afterwards, the website continually slid down the Google rankings, because lots of content was penalised under the DMCA. Three years later in 2016, the operators of the MP3Skull website were prosecuted by the RIAA and various music labels. For a few months, the operators tried to evade the authorities by changing the site’s domain a number of times. However, this was not particularly successful, which is the reason why the site finally went offline in October 2016. The court sentenced the operators to a fine of 22 million US $.
Screenshot of old MP3skullmp3skull